Protect Your Home with a Propane Powered Generator

From intense thunderstorms and scorching heat to severe snowstorms and heavy winds, we can’t always predict when extreme weather conditions will cause a power outage. That’s why it’s important to constantly be prepared.


A propane powered whole home generator is exactly what you need to weather the storms and be comfortable during every blackout. Fairclough Propane can help power it by delivering the propane you need.


Here’s what a propane powered whole home generator can do for you:


Power your entire home: During a blackout a portable generator can provide electricity for one room at a time. Fortunately, a whole-home generator powered by Fairclough Propane can have you and your family living (almost) as if there is no blackout at all.


Powers-on automatically: Your propane powered generator will automatically activate at the first sign of a blackout.


Keeps you and your family safe: Whether it’s terribly hot or bitterly cold, having no electricity to power your home can be dangerous. A propane powered generator can help keep your heating and cooling system running during a blackout, so your home stays at a comfortable and livable temperature. Plus, the food in your refrigerator will remain fresh!


These are only a few of the benefits that come with having a propane powered whole home generator. With Fairclough Propane, you can have peace of mind during any severe weather condition.


For more information of how to get the propane you need, contact us at 973-383-1768 or fill out the form and get ready to embrace the security and ease propane provides.