Benefits of a Backup Generator

Weather during summer can be intense. From high levels of heat and humidity to raging thunderstorms, there’s a lot your household has to endure. One thing that makes it easy to get through it all is your home’s electrical system. That’s why it’s important to avoid losing power.


A whole-home standby generator powered by our propane deliveries is the solution! Here are just a few benefits to consider:


They automatically detect blackouts. The moment there’s power loss, generators kick on. This allows homeowners to avoid prolonged power interruption - and gets all the important appliances up and running again!


They can power your entire home. Unlike portable generators, whole-home standby generators fueled by propane are able to keep your entire home running during a blackout.


They can be hooked up to your home’s propane system. You’ll never have to worry about refueling your generator when it’s hooked up to your home’s supply. With reliable propane deliveries from Fairclough Propane, you’ll always have the energy to power your home.


They prevent costly damage. The results of power loss, from food spoilage to flooded basements, are often a bigger concern than just being without lights. A generator can run your fridge, freezer, sump pumps and more to keep damage to a minimum.


They offer peace of mind. Giving you and your family a safe and comfortable place to escape from the summer heat is any homeowner’s priority. With a generator - and a steady supply of propane from Fairclough Propane - provides just that!


Home power generation is just one of the many ways propane can fit into your home. Learn more about this versatile fuel by contacting us online, or log in to your account to place an order today!