Lock In the Best Winter Propane Prices

We don’t really want to interrupt your summer with thoughts of winter, but this is important! Fairclough Propane’s pre-buy propane program is now open, which gives you a chance to secure your propane for next season, lock in the rate, make one payment and then not think about it all winter!

Here’s how the pre-buy program works:

  • You pay upfront for the gallons we think you’ll need, and we give you a low fixed price for the season.
  • Since you’ve already paid for your fuel, your wallet won’t be affected by market fluctuations.
  • We automatically deliver your fuel when you need it throughout the winter, and you won’t get another bill!
  • Any fuel not used by May cannot be rolled over into the next season

Best of all, you can take care of it all in just a few minutes by contacting us through our website.

One of the reasons we’ve been taking care of customers across Northern New Jersey for so long is that we’re always looking to make their lives more comfortable. Contact us online today to learn more!