How Long Can a Propane Generator Run?

Living in Northern New Jersey, you know the importance of having reliable backup power during outages caused by hurricanes and thunderstorms as well as blizzards. Propane generators are a popular choice but a critical question remains: how long can a propane generator run on a single tank? The answer depends on several factors including:


  • Size of the generator: Larger generators consume propane at a faster rate than smaller models.
  • Size of the propane tank: Logically, a standard 20-pound tank will provide less runtime than a larger one.
  • Appliance usage: The more appliances you power, the higher the propane consumption.


With those factors taken into account, here are some estimated propane-powered generator runtimes based on common tank sizes.


  • 20-pound tank: About 5 hours

  • 100-pound tank: 35-65 hours

  • 500-gallon tank: 7 to 10 days


The numbers provided above are just estimates, and the runtime of your generator will vary based on the factors mentioned above and the wattage of your generator. For a more accurate estimate of your generator’s runtime or to find the propane tank appropriate for your generator, contact Fairclough Propane! Our technicians can help you determine the right size propane tank to meet your specific needs, and ensure you have enough fuel to power through summer power outages. Visit our propane page for more information, and contact us today to schedule your tank setting.