Propane is the Fuel for Every Season!

Propane season is every season! From home heating to outdoor fun, propane is the fuel to use!

Here are some ways propane can be used instead of heating your home.

  • Year-round cooking: For backyard BBQs, family cookouts, or kitchen stoves, propane can fuel all your cooking needs!
  • Fireplaces and fire pits: From chilly nights bundled around the fire pit, setting the perfect ambiance on warmer hangout nights, or keeping warm inside on a snowy night, propane-fueled fireplaces and fire pits produce beautiful warmth with no mess to clean up!
  • Pools and hot tubs: Kick-start swimming season in late spring! Never dive into freezing water again with propane keeping your pool at the perfect temperature.
  • Space heaters: Enjoy your backyard through the chilly months while keeping everyone comfortable with propane heating the deck!
  • Bug zappers: There’s nothing worse than mosquitos crashing summer parties. Keep them away with a propane-fueled bug zapper!

Keep your fun fueled all year round with Fairclough Propane! Call us at (973) 383-1768 or contact us online to learn more about propane.