It’s All About Propane

Fairclough Propane is proud to deliver high-quality propane that can be used for home and water heating, washers and dryers, outdoor deck lighting, generators and so much more!

Propane has been declared a clean, safe fuel under the Clean Air Act of 1990 and by the National Fire Protection Association. Propane is a low-carbon fuel source, making it safe for the environment and since it can’t “spill” or leave residue behind, it won’t contaminate your water or soil. Rest assured knowing that your home and your backyard won’t suffer as you enjoy the benefits of propane.

Don’t worry about running out of this clean fuel source because there’s enough to go around. Propane is abundant in the United States, with almost 90% of the supply being produced domestically. In 2021, the U.S. was making over 2.4 million barrels of propane per day making it the world’s leading producer. Propane is also good for the American economy, employing over 97,000 people in trade, wholesale, and sales.

Need an easy way to manage your fuel costs this year? Sign up for a budget plan with Fairclough Propane! We estimate your home’s yearly fuel costs and divide it into equal monthly payments so you can know exactly how much you’ll spend on fuel each month. Click here to read more about our budget plans.  

Your comfort starts with propane. Contact or call us at (973) 383-1768 for more information. We’re always ready to help!