Propane vs. Gas Generator: Here’s which is best

With storm season quickly approaching, it’s important to have a plan in place when there’s a power outage. A backup generator is a worthwhile investment to keep your essential appliances running and stay connected with friends and family in case of an emergency.


Traditionally, backup generators are powered with diesel and natural gas. However, propane generators are becoming increasingly popular due to a wide range of benefits such as:


  • Longer shelf life: Since propane doesn’t degrade over time, it can be stored for longer periods.

  • Increased fuel availability: While gasoline is easy to access, most gas pumps require electricity to operate, and you’ll be out of luck during a power outage. Propane tanks are larger and last longer, so your generator will be powered without you ever having to leave your home.

  • Clean-burning: Propane generators produce a lower amount of carbon monoxide than gasoline generators.


Another great generator option is a dual-fuel generator. Dual-fuel generators run on gasoline and propane, giving you more flexibility to refuel during an emergency. These tend to be more efficient and eco-friendlier compared to your traditional single-fuel generators.


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